South West Schools' Athletics Championships


16th June 2001


For the first time since the Championships have been staged, Dorset won the overall competition by the narrowest of margins from their South West rivals. There has never been a year when the leading teams have been as close:

1.     Dorset        555

2.     Devon        553

3.     Somerset    551

4.     Glouc.        298

5.     Wiltshire     270

6.     Cornwall     217


Dorset won the Senior Boys', the Senior Girls', the Junior Boys' and the Overall Boys' trophies as well as the Overall Championships Shield and only missed out on the Field Events trophy by one point. It was, without doubt, the best ever team performance by a Dorset Schools' contingent.


Doubles were achieved by: Henry Farris (Sherborne) in the Senior Boys 100m and 200m and Carly Dean (Wey Valley) in the Inter Girls 80m Hurdles and 300m Hurdles.


Championship Best Performances were achieved by: Michael Johnson (Bournemouth School) in the Junior Boys 200m; Sian Scott (Poole High) in the Senior Girls 400m Hurdles; Jocelyn Hird (Blandford School) in the Senior Girls Pole Vault and Louise Watton (Lytchett Minster) in the Junior Girls Javelin using a new specification javelin.


Some of the successful team have been selected to compete in the National Schools Championships to be held also in Exeter in July.  The county is limited to 25 competitors and this year there were 29 athletes who had achieved the qualifying standard.


Athletes who finished in the top three places were:

Senior Boys           1st Team

1st   H.Farris           Sherborne               100m                      11.2

1st   H. Farris          Sherborne               200m                      22.7

1st   C. Clement              BSB                800m                      1-59.0

1st   M. Frampton   B'th Coll          Hammer          52m 41

1st   G. Smith         B'th Coll          110m Hurdles  15.1

1st   R. Burgess              Queen Elizabeth      Pole Vault               3m 60


2nd  C. Lawrence    B'th  Coll         800m                      2-01.6

2nd  T. Oliver         St. Peter's               3000m             9-38.2

2nd  D. Dooley               Canford          400m Hurdles  61.4

2nd  T. Hayball               Colfox            2000m S/C              6-48.2

2nd  M. Marsh        Bryanston               Long Jump              6m 63



3rd   T. Gunning             T. Hardye               800m                      2-03.3

3rd   L. Copper               M. Abbey               1500m             4-25.4

3rd   T. Harris         Queen Elizabeth      2000m S/C              7-00.7

3rd   M. Marsh        Bryanston               Triple Jump     13m 03

3rd   M. Frampton   B'th College     Discus             35m 64

3rd   Relay                                                            45.2


Intermediate Boys 2nd Team

1st   C. McCourt     Portchester             3000m             8-59.8

1st   D. Cree           T. Hardye               1500m S/C              5-01.4

1st   M. Lacy          Bryanston               1500m             4-13.0


2nd  C. Hillier          Bryanston               800m                      1-57.9

2nd  H. Yates          Sherborne               Triple Jump     13m 10

2nd  S. Small          Queen Elizabeth      Long Jump              6m 30


3rd   S. Dewsbury   BSB                Pole Vault               3m 20

3rd   B. Walter         BSB                Shot                13m 33


Junior Boys           1st Team

1st   M. Johnson     BSB                200m                      23.3         CBP

1st   J. Martin          Summerbee             400m                      55.2

1st   C. Bravington  Winton            800m                      2-10.4

1st   S.Hogan          Corfe Hills              1500m             4-25.4

1st   D. Hepplewhite       St. Peter's               Shot                14m 32

1st   Relay                                                                    47.8


2nd  M. Johnson     BSB                80m Hurdles    11.6

2nd  A. Borthwick   Wey Valley             1500m             4-29.0

2nd  R. Moss          T. Hardye               Long Jump              5m 73

2nd  D. Hepplewhite       St. Peter's               Discus             35m 52

2nd  S. Arbuthnot   Twynham        Hammer          33m 80


3rd   M. Crews        Budmouth               Pole Vault               2m 40

3rd   T. King           BSB                High Jump              1m 66

3rd   J. Warsop               Poole GS        Triple Jump     11m 49


Senior Girls           1st Team

1st   K.Pakes          T. Hardye               3000m             11-39.5

1st   S. Scott           Poole High              400m Hurdles  61.7         CBP

1st   J. Hird             Blandford               Pole Vault               2m 90      CBP


2nd  J. Molloy         Canford          100m Hurdles  15.1

2nd  J. Molloy         Canford          400m Hurdles  65.1

2nd  E. Siu              Leweston        Javelin             26m 95

2nd  Relay                                                                    50.8


3rd   T. Rutter         T. Hardye               400m                      61.4

3rd   A. Grant-Ives  Leweston        800m                      2-31.5

3rd   K. Borthwick   Weymouth Coll       1500m             5-20.2

3rd   E. James          Parkstone GS  Long Jump              5m00

3rd   E. James          Parkstone GS  Triple Jump     10m 43

3rd   M Borthwick   Homefield               Discus             32m 26


Intermediate Girls 3rd Team

1st   C. Dean           Wey Valley             80m Hurdles    12.0

1st   C. Dean           Wey Valley             300m Hurdles  45.7

1st   C. Roberts              Gillingham               Long Jump              5m 31

1st   N. Hamlin               Wey Valley             1500m             4-47.4


2nd  L. Bennett               Corfe Hills              100m                      12.5

2nd  R. Chadney             Colfox            800m                      2-21.1


3rd   G. Rose          T. Hardye               800m                      2-26.0


Junior Girls           2nd Team

1st   R. Cork           St. Mary's               Shot                11m 03

1st   L. Watton               L. Minster               Javelin             40m46     CBP       (new spec)


2nd  C. Walker               Avonbourne    Long Jump              5m 03

2nd  L. Watton               L. Minster               Discus             29m 66   


3rd   G. Eastman             Parkstone GS  High Jump              1m 55