11.30 T1 300m Hurdles Inter Girls 2 Heats 15.55 T41 200 metres Junior Girls Final
T2 400m Hurdles Senior Girls Final T42 200 metres Inter Girls Final
T3 400m Hurdles Inter Boys Final T43 200 metres Senior Girls Final
T4 400m Hurdles Senior Boys Final T44 200 metres Junior Boys Final
T45 200 metres Inter Boys Final
11.50 T5 1500m S/chase Inter Boys Final T46 200 metres Senior Boys Final
T6 2000m S/chase Senior Boys Final
16.10 T47 3000 metres Inter Boys Final
12.15 T7 100 metres Junior Girls 2 Heats
T8 100 metres Inter Girls 2 Heats 16.25 T48 75m Hurdles Junior Girls Final
T9 100 metres Junior Boys 2 Heats T49 80m Hurdles Inter Girls Final
T10 100 metres Inter Boys 2 Heats T50 80m Hurdles Junior Boys Final
T51 100m Hurdles Senior Girls Final
12.25 T11 1500 metres Junior Boys Final T52 100m Hurdles Inter Boys Final
T12 1500 metres Inter Boys Final T53 110m Hurdles Senior Boys Final
T13 1500 metres Senior Boys  Final
16.50 T54 300 metres Inter Girls Final
12.45 T14 300 metres Inter Girls 2 Heats
16.55 T55 400 metres Senior Girls Final
12.50 T15 400 metres Junior Boys 2 Heats T56 400 metres Junior Boys Final
T16 400 metres Inter Boys 2 Heats T57 400 metres Inter Boys Final
T58 400 metres Senior Boys Final
13.10 T17 3000  metres Inter Girls Final
T18 3000 metres Senior Girls Final 17.15 T59 4 X 100 Metres Junior Girls Final
T60 4 X 100 metres Inter Girls Final
13.25 T19 100 metres Junior Girls  Final T61 4 X 100 metres Senior Girls Final
T20 100 metres Inter Girls Final T62 4 X 100 metres Junior Boys Final
T21 100 metres Senior Girls Final T63 4 X 100 metres Inter Boys Final
T22 100 metres Junior Boys Final T64 4 X 100 metres Senior Boys Final
T23 100 metres Inter Boys Final
T24 100 metres Senior Boys Final 17.30 T65 3000 metres Senior Boys Final
14.10 T25 300m Hurdles Inter Girls Final
14.15 T26 200 metres Junior Girls 3 Heats
T27 200 metres Senior Girls 2 Heats
T28 200 metres Junior Boys 2 Heats
T29 200 metres Inter Boys 2 Heats
14.40 T30 1500 metres Junior Girls Final
T31 1500 metres Inter Girls Final
T32 1500 metres Senior Girls Final
15.05 T33 75m Hurdles Junior Girls 2 Heats
T34 80m Hurdles Junior Boys 2 Heats
15.15 T35 800 metres Junior Girls 2 Races
T36 800 metres Inter Girls 2 Races
T37 800 metres Senior Girls 1 Race
T38 800 metres Junior Boys 2 Races
T39 800 metres Inter Boys 2 Races
T40 800 metres Senior Boys 1 Race
As only one High Jump area can be used we shall start the Inter Girls High Jump
as near to 11 am as possible and the next high jump will follow as soon as the
area becomes available.
As there is a large number of Javelin throwers especially in the later events
some events may be called early if the area is available so the last event
does not continue too long after the last track event.
and arrive promptly when called.
9.45 F1 Hammer Senior Girls 14.30 F24 Shot Junior Girls
F25 High Jump Junior Girls
10.00 F2 Hammer Junior Boys F26 Long Jump Inter Girls
F3 Hammer Inter Boys F27 Pole Vault Junior Boys
F4 Hammer Senior Boys F28 Pole Vault Inter Girls
F29 Pole Vault Senior Girls
11.00 F5 High Jump Inter Girls F30 Javelin Inter Girls
(ish) F6 High Jump Senior Girls F31 Javelin Senior Girls
F32 Discus Senior Boys (outside area)
11.30 F7 Pole Vault Inter Boys
F8 Pole Vault Senior Boys 15.30 F33 Long Jump Senior Girls
F9 Long Jump Junior Girls F34 Long Jump Senior Boys
F10 Triple Jump Junior Boys F35 Triple Jump Inter Boys
F11 Shot Inter Girls F36 Discus Junior Girls (outside  area)
F37 Shot Senior Boys
11.45 F12 Discus Junior Boys (outside area) F38 Javelin Junior Boys
12.15 F13 Javelin Junior Girls 16.30 F39 High Jump Senior Boys
F40 Triple Jump Inter Girls
12.30 F14 High Jump Junior Boys F41 Shot Inter Boys
approx F42 Discus Inter Girls (outside area)
F43 Discus Senior Girls outside area)
12.30 F15 Long Jump Inter Boys F44 Javelin Senior Boys
F16 Triple Jump Senior Boys
F17 Shot Senior Girls 17.15 F45 Javelin Inter Boys
13.00 F18 Discus Inter Boys (outside area)
13.30 F19 Long Jump Junior Boys
F20 High Jump Inter Boys
F21 Triple Jump Senior Girls
F22 Shot Junior Boys
F23 Hammer Inter Girls