Final Round Up
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Poole & East Dorset Cross Country League 2002

 The biggest and the best Poole and East Cross Country League to date! The statistics make interesting reading.

 A total of 315 pupils competed in at least three races and therefore receive an official league position:
Boys Girls
Year 6/7 96 74
Year 8/9 52 44
Year 10/11 15 14
Year 12/13 15 5
Total 178 137
A total of 703 pupils competed in at least one race in the series:
Boys Girls
Year 6/7 233 151
Year 8/9 103 102
Year 10/11 46 23
Year 12/13 34 11
Total 416 287
Congratulations to the leading runners in each age group:
Year 6/7 Boys: 1st A. Simpson Bovington
2nd D. Reeks Hamworthy
3rd F. Strange Old Malthouse
Team Hamworthy Middle School
Year 8/9 Boys: 1st M. Clark Uplands
2nd D. Russell Carter Community Sports College
3rd L. De Ben Carter Community Sports College
Team Poole Grammar School
Year 10/11 Boys: 1st D. Cheney Poole Grammar
2nd C. Wilson Rossmore Community College
3rd C. Ashton Canford
Team Poole Grammar School
Year 12/13Boys: 1st J. Frampton Corfe Hills
2nd C. Olver Canford
3rd A. Oliver Corfe Hills
Team Canford
Year 6/7 Girls: 1st B. Neal Baden Powell & St. Peterís Middle School
2nd S. Elliott Haymoor Middle School
3rd D. Cocking Branksome Heath Middle School
Team Baden Powell & St. Peterís Middle School
Year 8/9 Girls: 1st L. Webb Corfe Hills
2nd K. Hooper Corfe Hills
3rd H. Burton Corfe Hills
Team Corfe Hills
Year 10/11 Girls: 1st L. Dixon Corfe Hills
2nd H. Crawford Corfe Hills
3rd V. Ingham Corfe Hills
Team Corfe Hills
Year 12/13 Girls: 1st A. Horwood Corfe Hills
2nd H. Brehaut Corfe Hills
3rd K. Lonergan Poole High
Team Poole High

The final league race was combined with the Poole & East Dorset Championships to help selection for the Dorset Schools Championships to be held on January 18th 2003 over the Ferndown Upper School course.

Overall league placings: these can be seen on the Dorset Schools web site:  Please advise if there are any obvious errors.

The first three runners in the overall league and the winner of the Championship will receive a medal. There are also certificates to the eight winning teams.

Many of the runners in the league competed in a cross country match in Brittany on 8th December. It is proposed that in future years selection for this match will be linked to positions in the league. Please note that runners from outside Poole & East Dorset are very welcome to run in the league races as guests, but are not eligible for awards.  

A word of thanks to Andy Ogilvie (Ferndown) for organising the final race, the Poole authorities for permission to stage two races on Borough land, to Chris Branford (Lytchett) for his control in the funnel and to my Canford colleagues without whom the races could not have taken place: Dave Kirk and Jerry Orme (timekeepers); Caroline Barrett, Andrew Fearnley, Phil Burgess and Andrew Powell (markers).

Peter Fryer

Canford School