Poole & East Dorset Cross Country League 2006


Congratulations to the individual and team winners:


Minor Boys Year 6/7

Individuals                                                   Teams

1st      C. Young (Sandford)                            1st      Broadstone Middle

2nd      B. Mogg (B. Powell & St. P)                   2nd      B.Powell & St. Peter’s

3rd      S. Parker (Ferndown)                          3rd      Sandford


Minor Girls Year 6/7

Individuals                                                   Teams

1st      P. Notley (St. Mary’s                           1st      B. Powell & St. Peter’s

2nd      L. Cortauld (St. Michael’s                    2nd      Broadstone Middle

3rd      R. Brenton (Broadstone)                       3rd      St. Mary’s


Junior Boys Year 8/9

Individuals                                                   Teams

1st      M. Dear (Poole High)                           1st      Poole High

2nd      J. Partridge (Corfe Hills)                    2nd      Poole Grammar

3rd      A. Carpenter (Poole High)                    3rd      Corfe Hills


Junior Girls Year 8/9

Individuals                                                   Teams

1st      S. Notley (St. Edward’s)                      1st      Poole High   

2nd      D. Shrosbree (St. Michael’s)                2nd      Parkstone Grammar

3rd      J. Vickers (Poole High)                        3rd      St. Edward’s


Intermediate Boys Year 10/11

Individuals                                                   Teams

1st      G. Shrosbree (Q. Elizabeth)                1st      Corfe Hills

2nd      J. Farrow (Corfe Hills)                       2nd      Poole Grammar

3rd      R. Ineson (Corfe Hills)                        3rd      St. Edward’s



Intermediate Girls Year 10/11

Individuals                                         Teams

1st      B. Neal (Corfe Hills)                           1st      Parkstone Grammar

2nd      H. Farmer (Corfe Hills)                       2nd      Corfe Hills  

3rd      K. Harvey (Purbeck)                                     


Senior Boys Year 12/13

Individuals                                         Teams

1st      R. Trew (Corfe Hills)                          1st      Poole Grammar

2nd      M. Clark (Poole Grammar)                    2nd      Canford

3rd      T. Shakespeare (Canford)                    3rd      Corfe Hills


Senior Girls Year 12/13

Individuals                                         Teams

1st      H. Hughes (Parkstone)                          1st Parkstone Grammar

2nd      H. O’Neile (Parkstone)                        

3rd      J. Sampson (Parkstone)                       


In all, 825 different children have competed (483 boys and 342 girls) while 388 competed at least three of the races (215 boys and 173 girls). The number taking part in at least three races was a record. This is a tremendous participation rate; my thanks to all staff in schools for encouraging their pupils to take part.


Thanks to the various authorities for allowing us to use our three non-school venues: Baiter Park, Sandbanks and Canford Park Arena, and to Rob Hayter and Andy Ogilvie of Ferndown Upper for staging the final race which incorporated the Poole & East Dorset Championships. Grateful thanks to colleagues who helped manage the large numbers of pupils at each of the races: Jerry Orme, Dave Kirk and Andrew Fearnley (timekeepers), Caroline Barrett (finish tickets), Fiona McKinley, Chris Branford (funnel), John James (course marking).


Details will be sent out soon to all those runners who are selected to represent Poole & East Dorset in the Dorset Schools’ Championships at Kingston Maurward, Dorchester, on February 3rd 2007. The teams will be posted on the Dorset Schools’ web site (www.dsaa.org.uk) and the Poole & East Dorset Schools’ web site (www.pedssa.org.uk) where full details of the league races, including the overall results, can be found.


The traditional race in France in December did not happen this year. It is hoped that something similar will take place later in the year.


Peter Fryer

Canford School

17th December 2006