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Poole & East Dorset Cross Country League 2005
Congratulations to the individual and team winners:

 Year 6/7 Boys

Individuals                                                   Teams

1st      S. Ham (B. Powell & St.P)                     1st      B. Powell & St. Peter’s

2nd      A. Clayton (B. Powell & St. P)               2nd      Broadstone  Middle A

3rd      C. Young (Sandford)                            =3rd    Broadstone  Middle B

                                                                   =3rd    St. Michael’s Middle                 

Year 6/7 Girls

Individuals                                                   Teams

1st      N. Guiney (B. Powell & St.P)                 1st      Broadstone Middle

2nd      G. Shrosbree (St. Michael’s)                2nd      B. Powell & St. Peter’s     

3rd      E. Francis (B. Powell & St. P)                3rd      St. Michael’s Middle

 Year 8/9 Boys

Individuals                                                   Teams

1st      G. Atkins (Poole High)                          1st      Poole High

2nd      M. Deer (Poole High)                           2nd      Poole Grammar

3rd      J. Partridge (Lockyer’s)                       3rd      Broadstone Middle

Year 8/9 Girls

Individuals                                                   Teams

1st      B. Cutts (Parkstone                    1st      Parkstone Grammar

2nd      J. Turk (Corfe Hills)                           2nd      Corfe Hills  

3rd      S. Notley (St. Edward’s)                      3rd      Broadstone Middle

 Year 10/11 Boys

Individuals                                                   Teams

1st      T. Chandler (Corfe Hills)                     1st      Corfe Hills

2nd      R. Trew (Corfe Hills)                          2nd      Poole Grammar

3rd      H. Jones (Corfe Hills)                         3rd      Poole High

Year 10/11 Girls

Individuals                                         Teams

1st      D. Cocking (Parkstone)                         1st      Parkstone Grammar

2nd      B. Neal (Corfe Hills)                           2nd      Corfe Hills  

3rd      H. Hughes (Parkstone)                          3rd      Queen Elizabeth    

 Year 12/13 Boys

Individuals                                         Teams

1st      M. Clark (Poole Grammar)                    1st      Poole Grammar

2nd      C. Wilson (Rossmore)                           2nd      Canford

3rd      T. Shakespeare (Canford)                    3rd      Corfe Hills

 Year 12/13 Girls

Individuals                                         Teams

1st      L. Dixon (Corfe Hills)                          =1st     Canford

2nd      S. Newbury (Parkstone)                       =1st     Corfe Hills

3rd      J. Sears (Canford)                              3rd      Canford B

Please note that guest runners from outside the Poole & East Dorset area cannot win the league, but we happy for them to compete and help raise the overall standard of the races. Particularly fine performances were recorded in the Year 8/9 Girls’ category by Nicole Bissett and in the Year 12/13 Boys’ age group by Kyle Hackett from Blandford.

In all, 900 different children have competed (420 boys and 380 girls) while 367 competed at least three of the races (210 boys and 157 girls). This is a tremendous participation rate; my thanks to all staff in schools for encouraging their pupils to take part.

Thanks to the various authorities for allowing us to use our three non-school venues: Upton House, Baiter Park and Canford Park Arena, and to Rob Hayter of Ferndown Upper for staging the final race which incorporated the Poole & East Dorset Championships. Grateful thanks to colleagues who helped manage the large numbers of pupils at each of the races: Jerry Orme, Dave Kirk and Andrew Fearnley (timekeepers), Caroline Barrett (finish tickets), Fiona McKinley, Chris Branford (funnel), John James (course marking).