Results Summary 2012


Minor Boys  League Champion

L. Murphy- Parry / Allenbourn


J. Tozer / Allenbourn


E. Symes / Allenbourn

Team Winners



Minor Girls League Champion

G. Copeland / St. MichaelÕs


L. Talbot / Oakdale South Road


K. Corbin / Broadstone Middle School

Minor Girls Team Winners

Baden-Powell & St. PeterÕs


Junior Boys League Champion

P. Copeland / Poole Grammar School


T. Bourne / Bournemouth Colleigate


S. Shepard / Poole Grammar School

Junior Boys Team Winners

Poole Grammar


Junior Girls League Champion

E. Martin / Parkstone Grammar


B. Bickel / Parkstone Grammar


M. Williams / QE

Junior Girls Team Winners

Parkstone Grammar



Inter Boys League Champion

J. Sotheran / QE


L. Kellaway / Poole Grammar


J. Symington / QE

Inter Boys Team Winners

Poole Grammar


Inter Girls League Champion

A. Phillips / Parkstone Grammar


A. Hine / QE


P. Bendall / Parkstone Grammar

Inter Girls Team Winners




Senior Boys League Champion

O. Caudwell / Canford School


T. Hutchings / Canford School


J. Landymore / Canford School

Senior Boys Team Winners

Canford School


Senior Girls League Champion

F. Meakin / Canford School


E. Mansell / Canford School

Senior Girls Team Winners

Canford School (On the result of 2 races as no Senior Girls teams entered 3 races).



A total of 365 boys and 274 girls - 639 runners - ran in at least one race during the season.


120 boys and 111 girls – 231 runners - ran in at least 3 races.


The scoring is based on the best 3 positions for both teams and individuals. Where there is a tie then all 4 races are counted to determine the order. For the Intermediate boysÕ teams, Poole Grammar ran in 4 races whereas QE ran in 3 and so the 4th race result was taken into account. Poole Grammar therefore were given first place.


If you hold a trophy from last year, please pass it on to this yearÕs winners, if appropriate. For the winning schools, please have the trophy engraved as I will not be able to have the engraving completed and the trophies delivered before your final assemblies this year.


The medals for winners and runners up will be delivered ASAP.


It is my pleasure to thank the staff at Canford School, especially Richard Baldwin and Kate Orpwood, and their timer / funnel / ticket / marshal team.


A big thank you also goes to Vince Donohoe and his staff for creating the superb cross-country course at St. AldhelmÕs Academy.


Thanks to all the school staff who transported and managed the children so well, and to the children whose conduct and sportsmanship has been outstanding.


Best Wishes


Michael Peters

Baden-Powell & St PeterÕs Middle School

01202 743280